D.C. Council Considers Bill to Make ANC Operations More Transparent (Dupont Current, Oct-1-2014)

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No Contested Elections for Incumbents or Newcomers

Most of Lanier Heights is covered by two Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) Single Member Districts (SMD): 1C-04 where incumbent Gabriela Mossi is running unopposed, and 1C-05 where newcomer Alan Gambrell is running unopposed. A small number of Lanier Heights addresses fall under 1C-06 and 1C-07, where incumbents William “Billy” Simpson and Wilson Reynolds have no opposition to their re-elections.

The remainder of ANC1C will be represented by newcomers Samantha P. Hicks (1C-01) and Hector Huezo (1C-02) who are running unopposed, and by incumbent Ted Guthrie (1C-03) who likewise lacks any opposition to his re-election.

According to the D.C. Board of Elections website, no one has submitted a petition to run for the area currently represented by Jimmy Rock (1C-08). Presumably this position will become vacant and remain so for the two years from January 2015 through the end of December 2016.

Congratulations to all our ANC reps, both the newcomers and the returning members. Since ANC reps are not paid for their service, we owe them a debt of gratitude for undertaking the (usually) thankless task of dealing with all sorts of minor problems that the rest of us are just too busy to notice.

But there is one big problem Lanier Heights residents have noticed: attempts to take away existing home owner rights and replace them with a new set of rules and regulations that will greatly reduce the value of our homes. 

We trust that the new ANC reps for Lanier Heights will give serious consideration to the huge losses in home value that their constituents will suffer if downzoning is adopted.

We will have more to say about Advisory Neighborhood Commissions and their role in the life of our city in the near future.

Some 2014 elections remain undecided, so remember: vote on November 4th. 

Turnover lies ahead as ANC chairs opt not to run again (Dupont Current, 8/13/2014)


ANC Elections
Beginning Monday, July 7, 2014, the Board of Elections will give out nomination petitions for the next ANC elections. Interested candidates will then have until close of business on Wednesday, August 6th, to return the petitions with the signatures of (at least) 25 registered voters who also live in the Single Member District (SMD) that they wish to represent. And on November 4th, Election Day, the voters will make their selection. The winning candidates will take office after noon on January 2nd once they are sworn in.