NEIGHBORS AGAINST DOWNZONING took to the streets last week to get their message out. But within hours, nearly every newsletter and yard sign disappeared.

For the record, here is what was taken:

21 of 23 newsletter displays (1 each of our last 3 newsletters) posted on streetlight poles, mostly on Lanier Place and Ontario Place but some on Argonne Place, Harvard Street and Ontario Road. Update: The last two are now gone. Nice to know someone is reading our website.

13 yard signs spread along Columbia Road in tree boxes

7 newsletter displays (2 each of our last 2 newsletters) posted on streetlight poles along Columbia Road

A display of 12 newsletters on the "Festivus Pole" at 18th & Columbia.

All this suppression of opposition took place in under 24 hours. 

This is what we have been dealing with since we first dared to oppose them. 
This is why we say the downzoner gang doesn't want a debate, they just want their way.

They are losing on their message. They cannot refute our facts.