(1) Why do the downzoners feel entitled to rob their neighbors of home value?

(2) Why do they think they have the right to limit the future development of the entire neighborhood?

(3) Why are they trying to make it impossible for the next generation of younger residents to find affordable housing?

(4) Do they realize that downzoning Lanier Heights from R-5-B to R-4 could result in even more downzoning if the city eventually agrees to downzone R-4 neighborhoods? 

(5) Why do they want to see residential neighborhoods across the city downzoned when the city is in the middle of a population boom?

(6) Will they compensate people whose entire life savings is invested in their homes once those homes lose value under downzoning?

(7) Will they finally confess that downzoning is really all just about parking?

(8) When will they admit that creating a Lanier Heights Historic District is their ultimate goal?

(9) What do they think will happen to the future of our city if downzoning spreads across D.C.?